Youth Global Forum 2016

Youth Global Forum is a unique event, which will gather together more than 100 participants from all over the world, with the aim to come to solutions for the most prevalent issues. The event is organised by Youth Time International Movement in cooperation with Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Prague and IPMI international business school Jakarta. The general partners of the event are the Government of Jakarta, ESEI International Business School Barcelona, Zagreb School of Business. Further support is offered by Ministry of Youth and Sports, Indonesian Future Leaders and Youth for Climate Change Indonesia.

The topic of the annually organized event is related to the location and actuality of the matter. This year, it is "The Interdependence Between Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship - Creating a sustainable environment for social development through tech innovation." As such, Youth Time NGO has chosen to organize in November 2016 the Youth Global Forum in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta where sustainability is one of the main concerns at the nation’s agenda.

Participants of the Youth Global Forum 2016 have a direct opportunity to win Youth Time’s Idea Grant for the winning project proposal, acquiring direct support in the implementation of the winning project. Other winners of the event are offered prizes by IPMI Business School Jakarta (fully supported scholarships bachelor or masters-degrees), ESEI Business School Barcelona (one year bachelor or masters scholarship) and Zagreb School of Business (one year bachelor or masters scholarship). Further workshops and master-classes offered at the event will help participants increase their potential and professional growth. To achieve this, YT established a multi-professional team that will increase participant’s project management and self-educational skills.